Primary Department Learns of Jesus and His Love

The Primary Department is an inviting place for children in grades 1-3 to learn about God and His love.



What We’re Learning Now

In the Primary Class we’ve celebrated the Resurrection of Christ. Now, during May our lessons focus on the lives of early Christian witnesses and apostles. We’ll learn about Saul’s transformation to the apostle Paul. We’ll learn of miracles made possible with God’s power.

We are learning Bible verses, too. We practice in class, but you’ll want to review the verses at home, as well.

This Spring and Summer, we’re sharing some fun times of learning and playing ZONK! Don’t miss out!

Primaries are concrete thinkers. They don't have abstract reasoning skills yet but can still understand many truths about God, including their sinfulness, Jesus' sacrifice and their need of Him as Savior.

When talking to your child about salvation, always use your Bible and read verses from it even if your child cannot read all the words. Some verses you may want to focus on include Romans 3:23-24; Romans 5:8; Romans 6:23 and Romans 10:9-10, 13.

Learning is not only important, it's FUN! We have worksheets, a mural, and the ever-requested game of ZONK! Kids love this chance to answer questions about the lesson and the Bible truths they've learned.

Who is in Charge

Our experienced teachers and youth workers, Miss Marsha and Miss Marti, will welcome your child to a time of worship and learning fun. As children raise questions, these teachers lead the children to find Biblical answers about God. These answers help build a foundation of faith for your child.