Christian Education Hour (Sunday School)



Nursery: Birth to age 2.
The Cradle Club Nursery is a safe and secure area that provides loving attention and care by adult nursery staff (More...)

Toddlers: Age 2 to 3.
Our new toddlers class is studying God Sends His Son.

Beginner: Age 4 to 5 (pre-K and kindergarten).
Children sing, learn Bible verses, do activity pages and simple fun crafts, and learn to play together. This quarter will be studying 'Kindness; Helpfulness; Prayer' (More...).

Primary: Grades 1-3.
Children learn as they listen to and act out stories from the Bible, memorize verses, and play a fun review game called Zonk! During Fall Quarter, the Primary class is focusing on Creation and Fall, Abraham and Jacob (More...).

Junior: Grades 4-6.
We have fun as we play a variety of games and make crafts, some to illustrate Bible truth and some just for fun. This quarter we will be studying God Sends His Son: Birth of John the Baptist, Jesus'  birth, childhood, early ministry etc. (More...).  

Junior High: Grades 7-8.
Our 7th and 8th grade youth love the Lord and like to have a good time. We gather every Sunday for Bible study and this quarter we are studying 'My Church: God's Family'. On other days we occasionally have special events like our recent "Rock climbing" and "Destination Unknown" (More...).

Senior High: Grades 9-12.
The focus of our high school class is to relate the Word of God to our culture. Currently we are studying 'Current Issues in the Light of God's Word' (More...).

Adults Classes